Scalable Cloud Commerce Connections

 CommerceConnect develops what we call Connections – finely tuned pure cloud infrastructure we have developed between and among diverse cloud commerce systems. At a high level, Connections are fully realized solutions to business challenges faced by merchants (wineries in particular) who need to use different Best-of-Breed solutions to support different key sales channels (e.g. Point of Sale, Online Store, Wine Club). 


It is not just that CommerceConnect CAN connect business systems and get them to work well together … we HAVE connected the business systems our clients have chosen over the last decade and got them to work well together in the way our clients, and many merchants like them, require. Regulatory reporting, for instance, requires good, clean data from online and in-person sales, sometimes in addition to other data sources. These reports are due on monthly, quarterly, and/or annual intervals at State and Federal levels.


While system integrations are a key part of our Connections, integrating with business systems is a relatively easy thing to do and is just the first piece of the challenge. Connections are centered on data, and what we call Data Mastery is key to keeping disparate business systems in sync over time. Cloud software system are regularly updated by the provider of the system, and growing merchants will want to change software systems as their business demands grow.  In addition to refining and adding to our integrations over time, keeping an active business ecosystem in sync the way merchants need them to be requires us to continually develop our Data Mastery capabilities both at the software level and at the human level.


In concert with proprietary CommerceConnect software solutions, WineryConnect offers human support both for data and for our clients’ staff. Together, CommerceConnect and WineryConnect offer merchants a solution which “closes the loop” across their business ecosystem, enabling them to do business the way they need to and not be constrained to only one business system to support their diverse operations.